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Over 25 launching funnels well succeed in e-learning

4 years in Innovation and Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company

6+ years of experience in business development and sales for the tech industry

+ Founded on over two decades of collective expertise in digital marketing and sales

+ A pool 20 digital marketing professionals

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E-Learning Health Treatment School

Generating $400K in sales with a
ROAS of 9

Health Treatment Clinic

Achieving ROAS of 3 with a Lifetime Value (LTV) of $18,000 per patient

Lawyer Firm in Portugal

Achieved a ROAS of 7 in their Course Program, strategically linked to a client acquisition process for immigration services.

Software Provider

Enhanced their operational processes and achieved a significant increase in sales, growing from $4 million to $6.2 million annually

Payment service

Building a project from scratch by developing the software and creating the right business strategy.

AI-Based Product

Secured 18 new clients in the first two months, following a successful launch involving a business plan, the assembly of a dedicated sales team, and the implementation of a strategic marketing approach.


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